Wide PLank Flooring

Wood flooring is common.  You can go into countless homes built over the last 30 years and see the same old narrow strips of red oak flooring.  While these floors are definitely a step up from linoleum and shag carpeting, we know there is a better way to do hardwood floors: wide plank, long length floors.  Wide plank floors bring warmth and charm to a space, while making it seem larger, more open, and less crowded.

Wide plank floors create extraordinary spaces. Our artisan crafted floors have many benefits over flooring churned out by the big mills:

Wide Plank White Oak Flooring

Wide Plank White Oak Flooring

Black Walnut Herringbone Flooring

Black Walnut Herringbone Flooring

  • Custom made for you: we custom make each order to your exact specifications and needs

  • Long length:  We only use lumber length material to make flooring-no small 6” pieces of flooring.  The majority of our floors are 8’-16’ in length. The long lengths making the room appear larger while also adding old world charm.

  • Options for Random Widths:  Do you want to add even more visual interest to your space?  Consider a random width, wide plank floor. It’s become one of our favorites.

  • Wide Plank:  we offer flooring from 4”-10”.  One of our most popular a Wide Plank, Rustic, White Oak Floor

  • Attention to detail: every board we use to make your flooring is inspected by our team before and after we mill the flooring to ensure it exceeds our standards and delights our customers.

  • Unique custom stair treads to perfectly complement your floors and design goals.

  • A variety of trusted woods species used for generations to make floors: White Oak, Black Walnut, and Reclaimed Heart Pine (longleaf).

We purchased 2,000 sq. ft. of White Oak flooring from Water’s Edge and it is currently being installed (October 2018). The quality of the flooring is amazing - straight and true, no bowing or warping, and it fit together seamlessly. There was very little waste as almost every board was usable, so we have quite a bit left over even though I added only 7% to the required amount. By comparison, we used some Red Oak in one room that was cut by a local sawmill, and the quality of that flooring was atrocious. Probably 30% of those boards were unusable. Working with Colleen and Andrew was a pleasure. They are exceptionally professional and customer focused. The flooring was made and ready within a couple of weeks of our order, and the installer that they recommended has been great. If you want a worry-free experience with your flooring, I highly recommend Water’s Edge.
— Doug Moore, homeowner

How to get custom wide plank flooring


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  1. Select a Wood Species

Black Walnut

Black Walnut Water's Edge Woods

Reclaimed Heart Pine

Reclaimed Heart Pine Water's Edge Woods

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2. Install

If you are looking for someone to install your flooring and live nearby Athens, GA, then let us know when filling out a quote and we would be happy to recommend a resource.


3. Enjoy!

View the portfolio of floors that have been milled at our shop and are now enjoyed in the homes of happy homeowners.

Reclaimed Heart Pine Water's Edge Woods
These are my favorite floors of any house. It was love at first sight for my clients.
— Julie Moon, Athens Realtor

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