Trend Alert: Walnut Walls and Ceilings

It’s hard to make anything ugly out of Black Walnut.
— Greg Etheridge, Shop Guru

In our years of working with wood, there is nothing more striking than the rich, dark tones of Black Walnut. We’ve seen it transform a bland space into a striking area where people love to gather. While you can add Walnut accents throughout your space, we want to talk about something a bit more dramatic and opulent - Black Walnut for Walls and Ceilings.

Below are a few examples of homes we’ve worked with builders on recently:



Provide a welcoming warmth for guests in a modern commercial space with a strikingly tall Walnut wall.

Location:    The Falls Restaurant    in Athens, GA    Builder: Strategic Development

Location: The Falls Restaurant in Athens, GA

Builder: Strategic Development

Enhance your closet goals by having a Walnut Accent wall. Our client got creative and ran Walnut flooring up their wall to create a smooth look.

Builder: Powell Homes

Builder: Powell Homes

Trying to figure out what to put on the back of your bar? It can be an awkward space but one shouldn’t be overlooked as it’s a major focal point into your kitchen. Enhance the beauty of the space with dimensional tongue and groove Walnut. 

Builder: Timberlane

Builder: Timberlane

While wood flooring in the bathroom may not be the best idea, adding it to the ceiling is a great idea! Give yourself something to stare at while you wash your hair. Our client selected a Nickel Gap tongue and groove profile to complete this look. 

Builder: Powell Homes

Builder: Powell Homes

A coffered ceiling really pops when there is black walnut between painted white trim!  This is black walnut v-joint tongue and groove.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 12.22.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 12.22.41 PM.png

But the trend isn’t only happening with our clients, we are seeing it in other publications as well. 

We love the combination of modern and slightly rustic in this kitchen with the unfinished, wide plank Walnut ceiling.

Source:  Decor Aid

Source: Decor Aid

Narrow Strips of Black Walnut look pretty good as well!

Create interest up the staircase with wide plank (NOT) Shiplap.

Have you ever seen a more modern fireplace? This fireplace was crafted with Walnut flooring and a Live-edge Black Walnut floating shelf.

Source:  HGTV

Source: HGTV

Ready to bring the rich tones of Walnut into your space? Get a quote for our (NOT) Shiplap, V-Groove or Flooring profiles in Blak Walnut by clicking the Get a Quote button below.