Resource videos


The Shiplap and Nickel Gap Review

We go over the difference between traditional Shiplap and Nickel Gap for wood walls. Installation of Shiplap and Nickel Gap is discussed and demonstrated.


The Making of Our Textured & Toasted Mantel

In this video, we show the process of how we make our Textured and Toasted Mantel using an ancient Japanese practice of burning lumber - Shou Sugi Ban! 

Tongue and Groove Profiles

Discover the different Tongue & Groove profiles we offer and where to nail when you are installing. In this video, we review Flooring, traditional Shiplap, Nickel Gap, V-Joint, Center Match, our engineered NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap, and Single Bead. 


Calculating Board Footage, Square footage, and Linear Footage

In this video we explain the difference and how to calculate board footage, square footage and linear footage. We also share how you can convert linear footage to square footage for when you are pricing out a project.