We were born from a passion to bring good wood back into the hands of our community and to provide an alternative to the generic products, poor quality, and the underwhelming customer service offered by big box retailers. Instead of cheap furniture assembled from particle board in a factory overseas, we offer heirloom quality furniture crafted from trees in nearby forests. Instead of narrow strip red oak flooring seen in the majority of homes, we offer handmade, wide plank floors from century old lumber. Instead of employees who avoid eye contact when a customer has a question, we offer expert advice. At the end of the day, we value the process that produces incredible products and the people around us more than the profit, we have more fun sawing the lumber than selling it, and we are committed to planting new trees while we carve up the bones of old ones.

Your Guides to the Good Wood 

We guarantee excellence and quality with every piece of wood and service you receive from us. Our experienced craftsmen are passionate about the beauty of wood and repurposing old trees to dwell in your extraordinary space.


Andrew Dittmeier

Owner & President


Chad Cooper

Owner, Master sawer & director of operations


Greg Etheridge

Owner, Head Carpenter & Shop Guru


Cory Stager



Colleen Tatum

brand evangelist


"Water's Edge Woods did an excellent job helping us choose the different wood we needed for our remodel. They helped us choose beautiful wood for each room and kept us from spending money unnecessarily. They were friendly and helpful and I look forward to having another project so I can use them again.”



"Water's Edge Woods staff were so helpful! They helped me figure out the amount of shiplap I needed to complete my project with just the right amount of coverage necessary. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I loved working with them and will use them for all of my renovation projects in the future!"