The Truth on Sinks & Wood Countertops

We get it. Water and wood aren’t exactly friends, so when we talk about sinks placed into wood countertops we usually get a raised eyebrow. And this reaction is rightly so if your wood isn’t sealed.

Fortunately, you can cast the fears aside when you purchase a countertop or table from Water’s Edge. Using a Conversion Varnish, which is twice the solid content as polyurethane (and is a beautiful dull, matte finish), you can be confident your wood countertop will hold up in locations near a water source.

While we have talked about our finish in the past, today we want to talk about sinks. From the different types that exist to how you can have your custom countertop cut and ready to go. Let’s get started!

First, let’s start with the two basic types of sinks: drop-in (also referred to as “in-lay”) and undermount.


Undermount sink and Black Walnut Countertop

Installed from under the countertop, the undermount sink does not have a rim. This sink will maximize your countertop space and make the surface area easy to clean.


Drop-in Sink and Reclaimed Heart Pine Countertop

The most familiar and popular type of sink. The drop-in sink that has a visible trim and lays flat on the countertop. The lip of the sink hold its vertically in place while resting on the countertop.


Now that the basics are covered, let’s dive into the process and a few frequently asked questions we get when it comes to sinks and wood countertops.


How to Get a Sink in Your Custom Wood Countertop


Get a Quote

Whether you are starting with the sink or wood species first, select both options for your space and get a quote on the wood countertop.



Send us the PDF of the manufacturing specs of your sink, along with the dimensions of where you want the opening to be made. If you are local and if it’s a drop-in, we are happy to install. Undermount sinks will need a plumber.



Enjoy the warmth of the wood countertops everytime you go to wash your hands, brush your teeth or grab a drink.


Frequently Asked Questions about Wood Countertops

What about the holes for the faucets?

  • Yes, we can cut out the holes for the faucets. When you request a quote, please include the number of holes that need to be fabricated.

Can you install the wood countertop and my sink?

  • We do offer installation within an hour drive of Athens, GA. Please include your address in your quote for install and delivery.

I have a unique edge detailing on other surfaces in my kitchen that I would also want on the sink, can you do that?

  • You bet. Send us a picture of the edge detail next to a measuring tape and we can replicate the edging.

Do I give you the measurement of the surface, not including the space for the sink or the entire surface area?

  • The entire surface area. Once we get the manufacturing specs from your sink then we will cut out the precise dimensions.

Is there one type of sink you recommend over the other?

  • Nah, we’ve seen it all.