Wood Countertops

Whether you are gathering for a meal or a conversation, create a warm and welcoming feel to your countertop with a variety of different wood species. 

Estimate 5-10 business days for fabrication. 


Below pricing is for all available wood species.

White Oak

Unfinished: $43/sqft

Finished: $55/sqft

Black Walnut

Unfinished: $43/sqft

Finished: $55/sqft

Reclaimed Heart Pine

Unfinished: $43/sqft

Finished: $55/sqft

Ambrosia Maple

Unfinished: $38/sqft

Finished: $50/sqft

Curious how a wood countertop holds up in a kitchen?

Learn about the durable conversion varnish we use to not only perserve the wood's beauty, but make it functional.


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