White Oak

Strong, beautiful, and versatile in design, White Oak can be used to transform both rustic and modern spaces.  It’s light brown and caramel color looks beautiful in it’s natural state, but can also be enhanced with stains and finishes.  Our favorite finish and look for White Oak is to ebonize the wood.  

The standard offering for White Oak Tongue & Groove products is a rustic, wide plank board, but please contact us if you are considering a different grade or width for a custom quote.

Estimate 5-10 business days for fabrication. 


Profiles available: NOT SHIPLAP/Nickel Gap, shiplap, flooring, v-joint

width available: 8"

Grade available: Rustic


Below pricing is for all available profiles.

Precision Mill Finish

$7.95/sqft | Quantities under 300

$5.95/sqft | Quantities between 300-1000

$4.75/sqft | Quantities over 1000

Request a custom quote to have the product delivered to your door. 


unfinished White Oak Tongue & Groove: