Limited Edition Hand Pulled Chestnut Relief

Limited Edition Hand Pulled Chestnut Relief

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Every ring on a tree represents a year of life. Wide rings represent a year of plenty (rain and good soil), while tight rings might represent a hard year in the life of the tree. Some years the two side of the tree can’t get along and split into separate branches. These wood cut prints capture it all.

  • Measures 32" W x 33.5" H with frame and 31”W x 32.5” without frame

  • Hand printed on 45 GSM, acid free, mulberry paper

  • Comes with the option to be framed, mounted and ready to hang.  Mounted to ¼” plywood with acid free glue.  Framed in ebonized white oak with matte finish.  No glass or acrylic between you and the print.

  • Limited runs of 50 each, due to the nature of wood, oil, and humans every piece has slight variations that add to the uniqueness of each piece.

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This piece can be viewed and purchased at our showroom in Athens, GA.

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