Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

There was once over 90 million continuous acres of Longleaf (Heart) Pine in the southeastern United States.  The tree was prized for its strength and beauty. Sadly, it's been over harvested.  Now there are less than 3 million acres of Longleaf and very little of what remains is old growth.  To protect the restoration, we source our Reclaimed Heart Pine from turn of the century textile mills that are no longer in operation.

Estimate 5-10 business days for fabrication. 


widths Available: 3",4",5",6"

Grade Available: #1


Below pricing is for all available widths.

Precision Mill Finish

Quantities under 300: $14.00/SQFT

Quantities between 300-1000: $11.00/SQFT

Quantities over 1000: $8.00/SQFT

**For quantities over 1,500 SQFT or for Contractor Pricing, please Contact Us.

Request a custom quote to have the product delivered to your door. 


unfinished Reclaimed heart Pine: