Buying mantels on-line may be a bit unconventional but when you buy from trustworthy and respectable sources like Water’s Edge Woods, you have everything to gain…reasonable pricing for high quality, beautiful products that you will enjoy every day.
— Gary O, Homeowner in Chattanooga, TN


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At Water’s Edge Woods, we know you want to create a home that is a sanctuary for your family and a space to enjoy with friends. We have worked with hundreds of builders and homeowners over the years, and witnessed the unique power of a fireplace mantel to transform a space.  The problem is, most people don’t think of the fireplace mantel as a unique piece of furniture and settle for a bland and boring fireplace mantel. Whether you are renovating an existing fireplace or building a new home, our wood fireplace mantels will be the focal point of a room and make your friends jealous. Simply select a fireplace mantel online or in our showroom, install, and celebrate your new space with friends and family.  Don’t let the bland and boring ruin your next holiday gathering, make sure your home tells your unique story.

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Watch how to easily install a Box Beam Mantel:

Greg reviews the different types of ways to install a solid timber fireplace mantel and demonstrates the ease and beauty of our box beam fireplace mantels.

We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth. We build them for the warmth of the soul; we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by.
— Edna Ferber

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