As a smart and confident business leader, you don’t want to feel embarrassed when you walk a potential client into your conference room to close the deal or when employees enter for a creative brainstorm. This is the space where you want your genius to shine and inspire decisions to push your brand forward.

Over the years, we’ve helped create custom conference tables for very smart business leaders from Atlanta to Athens. We know that custom furniture can be intimidating because it makes you wonder “where do we even start?” Well now you can dismiss the question and begin the process.

Below is a guide to walk you through the process of creating a custom conference table.


How to bring a custom conference tablef into your space:


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If you live in the greater athens, ga area, we will deliver and install the table. if you live across the country, we will ship the table for safe delivery and easy install.





Not sure where to begin? here are a four questions to start the process:.


question 1:

What’s the size of your space? How many people do you want to fit?

These questions go hand-in-hand. While you may want to sit 20 people at your table, if it’s a small space then you won’t be able to meet that goal. Generally, it’s good to allow at least 18” per person. Also measure the size of your space, you want to be able to get up and easily walk around the table. The chart above can help you figure out the size of your space and the table size that we recommend.


question 2:

What shape are you interested in?

While rectangular shapes can fit more people and spaces, you can also get creative with unique options. Below are the different options:

  • Modular

  • Live-edge

  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Circle

  • Oval

question 3:

Do you want room for technology?

We value the importance of staying connected and your equipment powered during your presentation. There are many creative ways you can incorporate technology into your conference table and prevent cords running everywhere. Bring your ideas and desires to us and we can craft a creative option.


Question 4:

Do you have an inspirational piece?

Have you seen images of tables which have sparked inspiration? Send them our way and we can help create something perfect for you.



Feeling like you have a better idea of what you want? Let’s begin the process of you enjoying a custom conference table!


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