Imagine your home with beautiful wood beams in the ceiling of your living room and kitchen. Not only is it striking, but the beams are crafted with real wood which enriches the quality of the space.

While we are sure you can imagine the stunning beauty and character of exposed beams, you are probably wondering “Can my drywall ceiling even hold timber beams?” or “Not only does that sound expensive, but how would we even install such a product!?” To make your imagination a reality, we craft custom faux beams from real wood using Rustic White Oak or Cypress. While significantly lighter than a timber beam, the natural wood also allows you to stain the beams to the exact color you want for your space.

Each beam is crafted for your unique space and while it can serve to please the eye, it’s also a great solution for covering metal support beams, disguising LVLs and hiding electrical wiring. Follow the steps below to bring the exposed wood beam look into your space for a fraction of the time, cost and stress.

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2. select your size

we craft our rustic white oak beams as:

  • 3-sided 7” x 7”

  • 3-sided 7” x 10”

  • 4-sided 7” x 7”


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