The Benefits of Wood Countertops (3 Huge Factors to Consider!)

Trying to decide what countertop option you want for your space?

When making the decision, there are several factors to keep in mind - the cost, the ongoing care and what look best fits your kitchen. It can be overwhelming when researching what option is best for you and for an item you touch every day, you don’t want to choose a countertop you will later regret.

Live-edge Walnut Countertop

Live-edge Walnut Countertop

Reclaimed Heart Pine Countertop

Reclaimed Heart Pine Countertop

As you decide what option is best for you, here is a guide to better understand the benefits of wood countertops:

The Cost

The Care

  • Easy to maintain

    • Resistant waterproof finish can withstand that sweaty glass of iced tea and other moderate amounts of water

    • No need for resealing

    • Easy to clean (We love using Method all-purpose spray!)

    • Learn more about wood countertop care via our latest blog post

The Look

  • Unique and Beautiful! Wood countertops make an average home look super custom.

  • From Modern Farmhouse Kitchen to Rustic Industrial decor, we haven’t met a look that wood countertops can’t play well with.

  • It can compliment any other countertop surface.

  • Instantly adds warmth.

  • Needing a cut out for a sink or have a unique edge molding to continue on your countertop surface? We can make that happen with completely custom crafted countertops for your space.

If you are ready to take the next step to deciding on a countertop surface, get a free quote on your custom wood countertop.