Live-edge Countertops

It’s one thing to have the warm tones of wood as your countertop, it’s another to also have the organic and natural surface of the tree. Live Edge Countertops make a statement in a home and we love to build them!  Besides creating an incredible focal point, we also love how the Live-edge surface provides:

Our Live-edge Countertop Guarantee
  • Great contrast to a space full of straight lines

  • It’s curves are a wonderful sight and create a one of a kind piece. None of your friends will ever have a slab just like yours!

  • A perfect way to add drama

  • Fits a wide array of styles from traditional to contemporary

  • Can be used on multiple surfaces in the home

  • Provides texture and personality in a space

Live-edge countertops can be used in both residential and commercial projects. Not only is it a great element to have in your kitchen, it can also be included in your bathroom, butler’s pantry, bartop and office space.

If you are looking to incorporate the Live-edge surface into your space, we can currently craft the countertop with Ambrosia Maple (a lighter tone wood) or Black Walnut (a darker tone wood).

Ambrosia Maple


Black Walnut


Curious how to bring a Live-edge surface into your space?

When you fill out the form to Get a Quote, let us know the wood species you want and the dimensions you need to cover the surface. We will find a slab, or multiple if needed, to meet your measurements. After sending you images of the slab and approval of the estimate, we will begin fabrication. Once we receive payment, we can begin fabrication and you can be proud of the space you get to enjoy!

Here are several examples of Live-edge countertops we’ve crafted over the years:

Bathroom Vanity with a Live-edge Black Walnut Countertop

Bathroom Vanity with a Live-edge Black Walnut Countertop


Live-edge Black Walnut Waterfall Countertop for a Kitchen Bartop


Live-edge Ambrosia Maple Countertop Island with a straight edge Ambrosia Maple countertop at lower surface


Live-edge Ambrosia Maple Bartop and Check-in counter at Lumberjaxe in Athens, GA


Live-edge Spalted Sycamore Countertop at The Falls Restaurant in Athens, GA

Ready to begin your project and include a live-edge surface? Get a Quote and let’s get started.