Quality Care for Your Countertops


We know that wood countertops can raise a few eyebrows when you think about wood around water - especially in the kitchen and bathroom. But no need to fear! We use a high quality, low maintenance finish on your countertop so you can keep enjoying it for a long, long time.

If you want to learn more about the finish we use and how it has almost twice the amount of solid content as polyurethane - watch this video of Mark, our Finishing Specialist.

However, today we want to talk about ongoing care for your countertops. The best way to describe the care for your countertops is to think of it as your countertop as a kitchen table and how you would want to clean up afterwards. While it is low-maintenance, there are a few thing we want to point out that customers frequently ask:


Is it okay if water sits on the countertop?

Yes, but we wouldn’t let it stay long or overnight.

What cleaner do you recommend?

We enjoy using all of Method’s cleaning products. It’s safe, it’s environmentally sound and smells good.

Can I put a hot pan on the countertop?

We don’t recommend it. While the finish is strong, it is wood and it’s best to put a charger or oven mitt between the surface and the countertop.

Will the countertop get scratched if I drag something heavy?

Yes - please pick-up and pass the meat.

Can I cut on my countertop?

Not if you like it or if you have an unfinished countertop that was constructed for cutting. The finish we use is not food safe and the knife marks will permanently live on your countertop. We do have some customers that want their countertop to be used for cutting and if so, we recommend a Edge Grain or End Grain Countertop. If you do have a countertop that you want to chop on, then don’t forget to treat your wood with our Wood Salve.