I have this thing with wide plank wood floors.

We discovered an Instagram account this week called “ihavethisthingwithfloors.” It’s a fun account and we can relate. When discussing different wood accents for the home, our clients get really excited about picking out floors. While we love making Black Walnut and Reclaimed Wood Flooring, our most popular choice is our Wide Plank, White Oak Farmhouse Flooring. With a 7.5” face, long length boards, and rustic knots, it delivers the look so many customers are looking for.

Other benefits include:

  • Any color you like: White Oak takes a stain very evenly, so any color you want can be achieved by your flooring installer.

  • Durable: White Oak is extremely durable, so it will hold up to life with kids and dogs.

  • Long Lengths: There's no drama in a short and stubby floor, all of our floors are milled from 8-16’ lumber.

  • Random Widths Available: We think random width floors are da bomb, and we are happy to make our Wide Plank, White Oak Farmhouse Flooring in a mixture of 3.5”, 5.5”, and 7.5”.

  • Handcrafted. Every piece of flooring is made just for you.

Builder:  JW York Homes

Builder: JW York Homes

We purchased 2,000 sq. ft. of White Oak flooring from Water’s Edge and it is currently being installed (October 2018). The quality of the flooring is amazing - straight and true, no bowing or warping, and it fit together seamlessly. There was very little waste as almost every board was usable, so we have quite a bit left over even though I added only 7% to the required amount. By comparison, we used some red oak in one room that was cut by a local sawmill, and the quality of that flooring was atrocious. Probably 30% of those boards were unusable. Working with Colleen and Andrew was a pleasure. They are exceptionally professional and customer focused. The flooring was made and ready within a couple of weeks of our order, and the installer that they recommended has been great. If you want a worry-free experience with your flooring, I highly recommend Water’s Edge.
— Doug Moore

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