French Country Design on the Horizon

With more inspirational pictures filled with creamy color tones, architectural character, and unique wood ceiling options, we are seeing a rise in French Country decor. A large aspect of French Country design is working with the already present character of the home and incorporating natural and organic elements like wood, stone, iron and linen.

Builder: Kelley Mahoney

Builder: Kelley Mahoney


With this rising trend, we pulled together a few ways you can incorporate the French Country look into your home.

Creating Character with Architectural Box Beams

Exposed dark and rough wood beams are the most commonly seen element of French Country decor. Installing heavy timbers into your home is a daunting task, which is why we craft Box Beam Timbers using White Oak, Cypress or Southern Yellow Pine (if you want to paint the beams).


Builder: Gibbs Capital | Unfinished Rustic White Oak Beams


You can also install the box timbers around case openings to create the rustic and refined French Country look. We love the look Magnolia created below to create an opening between the kitchen and living room.

Builder:  Magnolia

Builder: Magnolia


If you are looking for more ways to uniquely incorporate architectural character with box timbers, check out our blog post: 12 Uncommon Box Beam Ceiling Options.

Weathered Wood

A key component to French Country is the materials you use. Incorporating natural elements like stone, iron, and wood are sure ways to bring the style into your home. Using the natural tones in older wood to showcase an older feel helps perfect the French Country look. We can’t think of a better complimentary wood tone than Weathered Rustic White Oak.

Weathered White Oak Desktop

Weathered White Oak Desktop


We love how the weathered stain can go with a mixture of color pallets and it works beautifully different woods.

French Country Kitchen Countertops

The french are famous for their cooking and wood countertops are the main surface choice in Europe. To add warmth and charm into your French Country kitchen, incorporate butcher block countertops either on your island or as your main countertop surface.


Wide Wood Plank Flooring

When it comes to the flooring of French Country homes it’s usually a decision between stone or wide plank floors. We can help you with the later! Using wood species that have been used as flooring for generations, we can craft wide widths and long lengths board to create an old world feel in your home.


Vertical Wood Walls and Creamy Color Tones

Besides simply painting your walls, you can also add in more character and texture into your space by painting your wood paneling a creamier shade of white or applying a white wash or wood bleach finish.

For even more charm, run the paneling vertically or install wide plank beadboard. You can learn more about the product by watching the video below.


We are looking forward to seeing a new era on home design come to life! Get the dreaming going and click below to get a quote for your next French Country project.