Black is the New Black

If you’ve gone into a new commercial space in your town or check out design blogs, have you noticed a trending color? Black is the new “it” color for both exterior and interior projects.  It’s bold, modern, and makes a statement in any space.

We would be remiss to talk about black and wood without at least mentioning Black Walnut.  The rich, dark chocolate and purple tones of Black Walnut are always a popular and beautiful choice,

While we love Black Walnut (we really love it!), we’ve also been enjoying new ways to incorporate the black tones into our designs and products. Below are eight different ways you can incorporate black trend into your home using unique wood species.


1. Old School Oak Black Mantel

It’s our most sleek and modern mantel yet. For a space that is filled with whites and neutrals, this mantel provides great definition and pops off the wall.


2. Shou Sugi Ban Poplar NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap

Painting:    Erin McIntosh

Painting: Erin McIntosh

A wood meant for paint, just found a new love - Shou Sugi Ban or in other words, a blowtorch! This is on display in our showroom and has been a new favorite with our clients.


3. Ebonized Oak NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap

Painting:  Britt Bass

Painting: Britt Bass

Instead of staining the wood, we wanted to bring out the different tones of the heartwood and sapwood with an ebonizing technique. This is a great choice if you are in search of dark flooring or a unique wood accent wall.


4. Textured and Toasted Mantel


Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it was also fun to make! Watch Andrew burn this hand-hewn mantel with a blow torch using the Shou Sugi Ban technique. 🔥


5. Ebonized Cherry

Black + Wood Grain = Ebonized Cherry Tongue & Groove. The rich Cherry tannins hold this ebonized finish for more of a fully black look! We also love the variation of how the grain pops from different angles.


6. Burnt Reclaimed Heart Pine Headboard

Rescued from a building that was partially destroyed by fire in Athens, GA we took the Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring and transformed it into a floating headboard. The texture and greyish tones  showcased in this piece are one-of-a-kind and fit for a King size bed!


7. Spalted Wood

While not completely black, the black spalted lines running through the wood create great character and contrast.  Spalting is art created completely by nature: it is whats happening inside a log when you see mushrooms growing out of it!


8. Southern Yellow Pine NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap Painted Black

Like the Rolling Stones, you can paint it black. For a modern approach to a farmhouse, this client painted their NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap black and completed the look with brass accents.

For more ideas on how to incorporate black into your space using unique wood, visit our Pinterest page!