Beyond the Reclaimed Wood Wall

For the past few years, you couldn’t go into a new restaurant or a home without seeing a reclaimed wood accent wall.  While we love reclaimed wood, we have been enjoying taking ideas from the reclaimed wood craze and adding a modern twist on them.  Like these barn doors:


We are applying this same philosophy to accent walls:  thinking beyond reclaimed wood to unique and beautiful woods to make a space you can be proud of when guest visit.

With so many wonderful tones and grains in woods unique to our area, there are multiple options for whatever look you want to achieve.  

With so many options, we crafted a guide to help narrow your search using the accent walls we currenlty have on display in our showroom.

Looking to jump on the Black is the New Black trend?

We recommend the ebonized look! If you are going for a full black wall, the tannins in Ebonized Cherry produces a solid color.

Live-Edge Floating Headboard for sale via this  link .

Live-Edge Floating Headboard for sale via this link.


Scared of going fully black and want something softer?

Ebonized White Oak is a stunning way to incorporate the trend and still showcase the grain of the wood.


What about a burnt wall and not black?

We offer that too! Shou Sugi Ban Polar has been a favorite for movie rooms and basements to let the TV be disguised or make a piece of artwork pop, like the picture below. 


Seeking a natural and earthy look?

Show off the grains and variations of wood with Poplar Nickel Gap.


Feeling a lack of character and light?

With Bleached Cypress, the light neutral tones can boost personality and light into any space. 


Have precious items and need to ward off bugs or want a consistent bathroom smell?

While mostly known for closets, the smell and look of aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is our go-to for bathroom spaces.


Got NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap?

Lastly, we couldn’t talk about accent walls without highlighting our NOT SHIPLAP: Nickel Gap. Perfect for painting or for showing off the beautiful variations of Southern Yellow Pine.


Ready to bring your wall to life?